Thursday, June 18, 2009

Almost there

Knox has been doing so good each day. He will be one week old tomorrow and it makes me rejoice for him being here and also sad because his first week of his little life has been in the NICU. I sit by him and pray all the time and it is something about a newborn baby that makes the presence of God stronger than ever. I feel God there in that room so strong every time we are in there. Not only with KNox but with all the babies in the room. He is by far the sweetest little thing I have ever laid eyes on. He is such a good baby and loves to just open his eyes and stare at you. I have never in my life seen a man full of so much love and pride as Joey. He is the best dad I could ever ask for. The tubes and machines in the NICU make me really nervous and Joey is a pro at handling Knox with all the gadgets hooked to him. He flips him around and changes his diapers like a champ. He has even learned how to control some of the machines Knox is hooked to. Knox's nurse asked him if he was in the medical field :). Knox's doctor told us yesterday about "Kangarooing" your baby. I took Knox and put him down in my shirt and they call it "skin on skin" He is in absolute heaven when we do this. He loves being pressed up next to me as you can see in the picture. His breathing gets the slowest when we do this. He is so relaxed hearing my heart beat and listening to me breath. He gets mad when I have to put him back. I love the way he smells, when I come home I can smell him all night.

He is on 23 to 25 % oxygen right now and half a liter. he only needs to be on room air at 21% to come off and they have tried a few times int he past 24 hours to take him off but he struggles a little when they do so they have to put him back on. We have learned to stop asking when they think it will be because it is clearly on his own time. However the doctor does predict it should be any day now. Once he is off the oxygen he just has to stay one night to make sure he is okay and then he can come home!

Please pray that he will come off completely so he can come home! We are absolutely in love with this little fella!

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BeBe said...

you guys are so strong. i'll be sure to be praying. =]